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I'm an entrepreneur & software engineer based in Atlanta Kansas City. Currently, I'm building Hopeware to help organizations increase their technology effectiveness. Before that, I led technology at New Story, a housing non-profit best known for building the world's first 3D-printed Community. Apple even filmed a documentary about us. You should check it out.

Outside of that, I run Sunset Labs, where I invest in and help startups at various stages. In 2021, I co-authored Code School Book, a guide to help coding bootcamp students transition into tech. I also run Beard Shine, a beard oil company, because, why not?

I love ideating and building. To date, I've created 19 projects with 2 having been acquired. You can keep up with all my projects here.

In a past life, I helped launch and taught at The Iron Yard, the (at the time) largest code school in the world. I also helped build a WordPress competitor called Barley, that sadly fizzled away into nothingness alongside Google Wave.

If you are interested in working together, have a cool idea or need a printer plugged in, hop in my DM's here.