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WordPress Post Tags or Categories

I'm in active development in a new WordPress theme and came across the age old question. Should I built in support for tags or not? Should I just leave the user with the ability to only use categories? I'm tempted to give them the option, but would I be doing them an injustice since most people rarely use tags and the ones that do, don't use them right?

I'm a huge fan of TentBlogger and decided to check out his website for an opinion. In his post “****The Reasons I Use Categories Only for My Blogs and Why I Think Tags Are Absolutely Worthless“, it helped me come to the conclusion that I'm going to omit tags from this upcoming theme I'm working on. I'm not even going to build it in. I'm not saying that I'll never build another WordPress theme that has “tag” abilities, but for the time being, and for SEO's sake… I think we can go with out tags for a little while.