Tim Whitacre

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Well, I've safely made it to Kansas and am going to be spending the next week with most of my immediate family. There are 11 of us in the house plus 4 dogs. It's going to be a great week!

I was sitting around this afternoon just thinking of how lucky I am. Not be cause of what I have, but because I am part of a big family that truly loves each other. Every year we try to get together for one holiday (Thanksgiving or Christmas) and have a gift exchange. It's always hard to think of what to ask for because the best part of it is the experience. Spending time with this many people (and animals) under one roof may seem crazy to a lot of people, but it's exactly where I want to be.

Everyone comes from a different family but I encourage you to take a moment and express what you are thankful for this year and if you are blessed enough to come from a family like mine, make sure you thank the members that have made it what it is.

Happy Thanksgiving!