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So Many Bookmarks

I don’t have to tell you this, but there is a lot of stuff on the internet. Obviously most of it is junk, but there is a lot of great content. This begs the question, “how do I consume it all” or rather, “how do I consume as much as I can that is relevant to me so I can keep up to speed in my industry”. This is not an easy task and because content and the way content is presented continually changes, you almost have no choice but to use some sort of service to help you keep up with it all.

Whether it is an aggregation service like thenews.im or the interesting app, whatever your poison it still doesn’t help with things your friends, co-workers and twitter users share. You need a way to trap that content so when you have a chance to take a break you haven’t forgotten it.

In walks Unmark. Many may have guessed I would talk about this eventually as I had a hand in building it, but I was part of this build because I knew the way I was saving my bookmarks was broken. Every service I used, while many were good, they still missed something. I’ve found that they just fill up with links I never visit again.

Take this situation for example: I’m sitting at my desk working and a co-worker says I should read this article. I don’t want to stop what I’m doing but is throwing it into one of these services the best idea. I’m not even sure what the article is about and not sure if I really am interested in it. This is the same for videos, code examples and any other link that is shared or I stumble upon throughout the day.

This, IMO is why Unmark is so awesome. Our tagline for it is ‘The to do app for your bookmarks”. This means as a piece of content comes along during the day, I can simply throw it into my Unmark account. Later that night from my iPad or phone I can go through the list of marks I saved and see if they really are as good as I first thought. If they are, I can send them to be read later, or watch the video right inside of Unmark. If it is a recipe, I can look at the ingredient list and determine if I want to put in in a recipe storage app.

While Unmark can be used in many different ways, this is how I use it and I have found it has changed the way I view content and the content I do end up consuming is more relevant and meaningful to me.