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Scranton… Meet CoalWork

Coworking is not a new concept at all. In fact not too long ago while working from home I was doing a ton of research for a coworking spot in this area. Unfortunately there wasn’t one… or at least one that I could be a part of.

You see, anyone reading this who isn’t local might not realize that Scranton (and the surrounding area) is not a very technical place. I would even say that there are not really many tech companies in the area either.

Well, some of the guys I work with are trying to change that. Enter CoalWork, a forthcoming coworking spot. We are still in the early stages but hope this will become a staple in city. We hope through this we’ll meet some awesome people, learn some new things and possibly even change the way this area views tech companies.

Anyone who is interested, feel free to check out the website or follow CoalWork on Twitter.