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So, it's that time again. It comes once a year or so. The time to reformat your hard drive and get your computer as clean as a whistle.

I don't know about you, but over time I download and install many different apps and then uninstall just about as many. That leaves my computer hating me. I can sense it getting more and more frustrated every time I drag a new application into the folder. Well not anymore. Today it's smiling right back at me. With a squeaky clean hard drive and a fresh updated OS (Lion) my computer is ruining on all cylinders.

I also get a lot of people asking me quite often what I use as far as programs go. Well, when I decided to do my reboot, I made a list of all the programs I needed for daily work before I wiped them so I'd have a reference to look back on. I've decided to share it below… broken up into category.

I hope someone else finds this useful.

** System Programs**

  • Clean My Mac – very important. It keeps my mac running very smoothly.
  • Dropbox – for sharing files between co-workers
  • iBank – keeps my finances in order
  • VLC – the only way to watch movies
  • Carbonite – gotta keep things backed up

Programming Tools

  • Sublime Text 2 – wicked fast development
  • Coda – still pretty good… but slowly moving away from it for the one above
  • MAMP Pro – gotta have mamp
  • Sequal Pro – my favorite way to interact with my database locally and some online ones
  • iTerm – better version of Terminal
  • ColorSnapper – grabs colors
  • Filezilla – fastest FTP program I've ever used.

Office Stuff

  • Evernote – keeps things in sync
  • Pages – great word processor… much better than Word

Photo and Slicing Programs

  • Fireworks CS3 – I like this version the best
  • Photoshop CS5 – I finally upgraded and so far so good

Other than a few other random programs, that's all I run.