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Piling up

It's that time of year again… Thanksgiving is over, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed. It's now time to look forward to Christmas. Christmas shopping is underway, I finally let my wife to play Christmas music and decorate the house. The one thing that glares at me though, is that just a week beyond Christmas is New Years… and the start of 2012. I'm not big on resolutions or anything of that nature, but I am big on starting fresh and I've got a TON of projects sitting around that I'd really like to get done and completed before the end of this year. I know it won't make a single bit of difference if they are done next week or the last week of January, but to me… having them done before my calendar changes to 2012 makes me feel much better about starting off the new year.

It's funny how I got to this point, because a few of these projects are ones that have been hanging around since much earlier this year. They, for some reason, have just continued to get pushed from month to month. Maybe this year for 2012 I should make a resolution to get everything done that year and not wait till December… it'll never work, but it's a nice thought right?

Wish me luck!