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New Addition

Ernie Ball VP Jr

So it's been a bit since I've added anything to my pedal board (which I will review at some point), but I was recently given a gift from a client. It's an Ernie Ball Volume Pedal JR. I've never used a VP before but have always been interested in getting one. The pedal came in the mail yesterday as a thank you for a recent site I built (which we'll keep nameless at this point) and I've only gotten to play with it a little bit last night. My main guitar and pedal board are still up at the church from playing this last weekend, so I had to use one of my older guitars to play with it. So far I've very impressed with the quality of it. I also like that it has a switch that changes the swell for two unique sounds. Personally I like one over the other so I'll probably not be changing that. I have band practice tonight at church and hope to give this a good run and see how it sounds on stage.

I must say that this was an awesome gift from a client. They actually asked my project manager (who knows me pretty well) what I was interested in and he gave them this suggestion. I can't express how grateful and how excited I am to add this to my collection!