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Current Loves : Reading Edition

While I don't read as many books as I want (or buy), I do spend quite a bit of time reading on a weekly basis. Listed below is a list of what I'm currently digging.

  1. Web: The News by Ahmet Sülek – A mix of Designer News & Hacker News
  2. iOS: Interesting by Mike Rundle – A mix of a ton of great sites… never be bored again.
  3. Web: A List Apart – Keeps me up on current web trends
  4. Web: Indie Vision Music – A way to stay up to date with my favorite artists
  5. Web: Colin Devroe's Blog – Yeah, he's a friend but he's a good writer and shares some awesome stuff
  6. Web: xkcd – My favorite web comic, smart & witty
  7. Web / iOS: Pocket App – Not specific content, but anything else I find throughout the day, I send here for later
  8. Web: Dribbble – While not much reading here, it's still a great site to keep up with